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Carol Dupree

Over twenty years ago, Carol started designing for a handful of shops in the Dallas, TX area. Soon, shops throughout the country were clamoring for examples of her work. Carol’s subject matter includes angels, Santas, florals and children’s motifs made into ornaments, stockings, pillows and needlework wall art. Each of Carol’s designs is beautifully painted and lends itself to a variety of interpretations using different stitches and fibers.

Catherine Reurs

Catherine is the author of two lavishly illustrated books: Splendid Needlepoint and In Splendid Detail: Needlepoint Art. In 1999, Quail Run began producing her work in handpainted needlepoint. Needless to say, they were an instant success, due to the elegant simplicity of design combined with meticulous counting of the design onto canvas. A banker by profession, Catherine draws inspiration from the things she loves – her cats, a favorite Persian rug, her Santa collection, flowers in her garden, a painting or even a bowl of fruit.

Charlotte McDonnell

Charlotte began designing needlepoint for her grandchildren. Her first effort was a two-sided nativity set (which may be seen in this site) that the children could play with. It was a hit. She enjoys whimsical designs, but also does florals, women in beautiful dresses and santas – all with a light touch. Charlotte’s “Late forWork” (pictured here) is one of the most popular in her line.

Dayan Cameron

Dayan is most well known for her realistically rendered “needlework animals with an attitude,” – an uncanny look in their eyes that makes you wonder if they might just jump right off the canvas! She currently resides in Taos, New Mexico, the land of enchantment, which might account for some of her inspiration. She continues to pursue her artistic endeavors, while working and interacting with animals.

Julie Sackett

Needlepoint designs became a passion for Julie when her 30+ year career in human resources, required heavy traveling, providing her with many hours for stitching while out of town. Travel also afforded her the opportunity to scout out the best needlepoint shops around the country – which is how she found Quail Run in Scottsdale! In the late ’80’s Julie began designing and teaching needlepoint. This led to a series of charted designs for ornaments, kimonos, eggs and pillows. She now handpaints canvase designs.

Kathy Fenchel

Kathy’s husband suggested needlepoint classes 27 years ago while she was expecting a child. That “temporary” hobby has turned into a life-long love. Over the last 27 years, she has grown from the “avocado and gold” with wool to a level of creativity any stitcher would envy. Kathy has stitched models for and worked in a needlepoint shop, taken numerous classes nationally, and given private lessons. Several years ago, she began creating her own designs, which are now taught in shops and at guild meetings across the country. Her special interest is stumpwork, which she combines with canvas techniques to create dimension and texture. Kathy conducts a canvas-enhancement class in the Detroit area and has demonstrated needlework techniques on HGTV.

Maggie Swanson

Maggie loves to pass the time doing needlepoint when she isn’t illustrating children’s books and painting. One day recently, she said to herself, “I wonder if my artwork would work in needlepoint…” She called Quail Run , and the rest is history. As a lover of animals, flowers and characters, Maggie creates detailed designs. We know you will enjoy viewing the unusual and gorgeous canvases.

Nancy Coffelt

“The Wild Life” reflects Nancy’s keen interest in animals. She often poses her animal subjects in human situations – creating a very humorous, appealing and whimsical look. Nancy hails from Portland, Oregon. She prefers painting using pastels set against a black background, lending an air of contrast and drama to the design. Nancy’s artwork can be found in galleries throughout the west – available as posters and now also in needlepoint.

Nippers Studio

Norree Woodard has been an artist, mainly sculturing whimsical figures and jewelry, for more than 20 years. She has a background in commercial art and put her education and expertise to work by taking her art on the road to art fairs. “I like happy things, colorful things,” she says. Holidays are a major part of her art, and each piece includes intricate, tiny details like spiders on witches robe. Keep your eyes open for a ladybug to appear as well. Recently, she began painting on flat surfaces, which prompted Quail Run to adapt her delightful artwork to canvas. Enjoy! and Smile!

Pam Hobbs​

Pam Hobbs  was born in northern New Jersey and moved to Kansas when she was 13. She attended High school and then received her B.F.A. from the Kansas City Art Institute. She was trained as a weaver in the craft department and used fabric, either woven or surface design as her  medium. After college,thirty years ago, Pam came to Key West Florida on vacation and never left. After seeing the colors of the water, sky and the tropical flowers and trees her colors blossomed, as well as her use of different mediums. She likes to portray her ideas and feelings with bright colors and bold shapes. She also likes to give people the same directness, boldness, freedom and happiness she feels living here in the lush tropics. She lives on the beautiful island of Key West.

Robert Chapman

Bob began painting needlepoint at the Quail Run Shop and was another of the first to develop his own line and become part of the Quail Run pioneer design group. Bob is a confirmed perfectionist and each design is meticulously planned and executed. Southwest and Indian themes and motifs were highlighted in his earlier work. Florals with animals in the leaves (as in his depicted “Tiger” lily design) have stood the test of time and remain among the most popular of his works.

Terry Enfield

Terry began painting in the Quail Run Needlework Shop in Scottsdale, AZ over 20 years ago. She established her own line of needlepoint designs, selling the original 60 to Quail Run in 1983. Terry’s uniquely distinctive style is often imbued with an exotic Oriental sensibility. Each design is lovingly and exquisitely rendered and just as pleasurable to stitch.