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Whether you live to stitch, or you’re just starting to learn the art of needlepoint, the experts at Quail Run are here to help. We are proud to be one of the nation’s premier needlework shops, renowned for our abundance of creative designs – more than 1,000 designs created by 15 artists available. We also offer a wide array of engaging classes, trunk shows, and expert advice, all at our friendly and welcoming Scottsdale store. We’ve been helping stitchers since 1976 – stop in today and see what we’re all about!

Stitch Guide Design

Creative Block?

Have you had a canvas for a long time and just can’t decide what stitches and threads to use? We can help! Experienced Quail Run staff will prepare a written stitch kit guide along with thread suggestions. (Cost is determined by the amount of detail in your canvas.)

I'm out of town, but love Quail Run's work!

If you’re out of town, that’s okay. Send your canvas to us, we’ll set up a project consultation, and we’ll be happy to bring your canvas to life!

Custom Design

Find hundreds of needlepoint designs, innovative classes, and all the supplies you need for your artistic endeavors.

Needlepoint Kits

A custom‍ artist here on staff can take your photo, saying or idea and transfer it to a canvas and make your needlepoint kit. (Cost is determined by detail of project. Price quotes and preliminary sketches are made available after each consultation.)

Quail Run Designs

We design too! Quail Run designs a collection of needle art by nationally known artists and designs, which are produced and distributed from our shop. Please email to inquire about our resources and portfolio of current designs.


I'm done stitching. Now what?

Quail Run hires only the finest local and national finishers to handle your masterpieces. There really isn’t anything we haven’t finished, but some of our favorites include purses, tote bags, pillows, stockings, and belts. Ornaments too! Doorstops, eyeglass cases, tote bag inserts, bell pulls, rugs, wall hangings, free-standing and jointed pieces are also regulars of the shop. 

There is a 25% surcharge for finishing a canvas not purchased at Quail Run Needlework. Please call the shop at (480) 551-1423 with any questions regarding your finishing.

Finishing Deadlines:

Easter – February 1

Halloween – August 1

Thanksgiving –August 15

Hanukkah – September 1

Christmas – September 1