by Susan Barlow | January 10, 2015

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Great news. Quail Run Designs was in the winner's circle. My booth won Best Multiple Booth Display out of the 225 or so exhibitors booths.

I am thrilled!!!

Now on to the goodies from the show.

     Great Penny MacLeod Designs . Hard to choose a favorite!        


                             Goldfish Gone  13x13" on 18 ct


                              Emily's Goldfish  13 x13" on 18 ct.


                                       3D Rooster in blue and white  14" tall


                Adorable Gingerbread house with magnet and stitch guide

                                                18 ct  5.5" x7.5"



                                     Me and My Wagon Winter

                                     Figures are about 5" tall  on 18 ct.


                               Me and My wagon - Arizona Style!



                                Just had to laugh when I saw this little sign-

                                                7x5" on 18ct


                  Not new -but can't you just hear Julia Child as you read this!


                                      Colorful birds - 18 ct 14x14"


                                    Sachet kits from River Silks with beautiful ribbons, canvas

                                                       and lavender sachet.     

More to come tomorrow!!


Great news about your booth, congrats ! Looking forward to seeing all the goodies you bring back from market.

Toni K. - January 11, 2015

Congratulations on the Booth win! Of course! What a wonderful idea! You have such great taste and such a terrific way to showcase Quail Run Designs too!

Susan C. - January 12, 2015

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