by Susan Barlow | January 11, 2015

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Wonderful knitting yarns.

A cute yarn booth setup as an ice cream shop!


More new cat canvases  7.5x8.5" " on 18 ct.

New dog canvases  7.5 x8.5"on 18 ct. Do you see yours?

Adorable winter house 10x12" on 18 ct.

Snow People Party  8x17" on 18 ct.

Desert Agave  8x8" 18 Ct.

Desert Blooms 10x10 on 18ct.

Desert Spring 10x10" on 18 ct.

Desert Gardens 12x16" ln 18 ct.

4 Santas -- This will be our July Class so stay tuned for details.

Lots more to post but will do that tomorrow!


Beautiful. Where is your shop located?

BERPT - January 12, 2015

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