I'm done stitching. Now what?

Quail Run hires only the finest local and national finishers to handle your masterpieces. There really isn't anything we haven't finished, however some of our favorites include purses, tote bags, pillows, stockings and belts. Ornaments too! Doorstops, eyeglass cases, tote bag inserts, bell pulls, rugs, wall hangings, free-standing and jointed pieces are also regulars of the shop.

Check out some of our finishings!

Finishing Deadlines

  • Easter

    • February 1
  • Halloween
    • August 1
  • Thanksgiving 
    • September 1
  • Hannukah

    • September  1
  • Christmas

    • September 1: Christmas pillows
    • September 1: Christmas stockings
    • September 1: ornaments

There is a 25% surcharge for finishing a canvas not purchased at Quail Run Needlework.

Please call the shop with any questions regarding your finishing.