Patriotic Star Club

  • Six stars in this club - you can chose to get one every month or every other month. A perfect series to display on  patriotic holidays!
  • Canvas and Stitch guide $59
  • Thread /bead/embellishment will vary with each canvas.

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Traditional Christmas Ornament Series

  •  Elegant ornaments to stitch and display together or hang on the tree.  
  •  Canvas and stitch guide $49
  •  Thread/bead/embellishment  will vary with each canvas. 

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Southwest Ornament Club

  • Stitch Arizona-State Symbols
    • State Amphibian-Tree Frog
    • State Bird-Cactus Wren
    • State Butterfly-Swallowtail
    • State Firearm-Colt Revoler
    • State Fish Trout
    • State Flag
    • State Gem-Turquoise
    • Seal
    • Bicentennial Seal
    • State highway -Route 66
    • State Outline
  • Canvas and stitch guide  $59
  • Threads/beads/embellishemnt kit different for each canvas.

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